What I used to know about Digital Literacy – I never really thought to think much about it. I just accepted. Ok, if old, just assume that they will be bad.

What I want to know about Digital Literacy – Why would I need to improve on digital literacy? Why would anyone improve their digital literacy?

What I learnt about Digital Literacy – it is not a “yes/no” type situation, more like a condition with varying degrees, the intersection between individual interest, and important issues:

On the idea of digital literacies, there are 8 essential elements of digital literacies:

The essential elements of digital literacies: Doug Belshaw at TEDxWarwick  

I think about how it is a continuum and how we could motivate the learners to become more digitally literate, how it is changes over time. How can we encourage greater motivation for people to function with greater literacy? 

Also, I LURVE LURVE LURVE the concept of digital residents vs visitors! Similarly, I was challenged to put myself in the learner’s shoes – I feel like there should be some sort of way to measure Digital Literacy level so that we can use the right tools. If unknown, it has to be something intuitive / familiar which people always use – use of poll everywhere for example, using a link where people can go to a website and choose their options etc. 

It is amazing and I feel like learning about all this gives me new understanding (and tolerance) and adds on a new dimension of considerations when I deliver a talk, synchronously or asynchronously!

On the topic of Online and Digital Literacies – Topic 1 ONL221