The first two weeks of the ONL 192 course have passed – two weeks that passed very fast, because there was so much to do and to learn. I and my excellent pair were co-facilitating Diane during the first two weeks of the course. Our topic was digital literacy and online participation. What a huge field to study and the studying still goes on. Now after this two weeks experience, I see that there is always more information to be found on the web. You always find more and more information somewhere behind a link online. It is easy to be carried away. One can easily find one self in front of the lap top for hours.
I would absolutely define myself in both personal and institutional mode as a visitor. Absolutely not resident in either of those modes. I am rarely in social media, because I don´t want to leave any digital footprints after me. I have always strongly believed that this is not good. I find “Elegant Lurking” useful. Being online takes time, now because of family reasons, I have been ought to reduce even more of my time online. There is not enough time. Quoting David White: Turning into the ´dilect` of a particular space and community can take time. That is why it´s useful that we can lurk. Even if this in some aspects is a negative phenomenon. You are “taking” not “sharing” information.

Elegant Lurking

One effective way to learn is to use Social Media un-sociably. The traditional term for this is Lurking – hanging around a discursive space online without speaking up. It’s an inherently nega…daveowhite.com2h

In our PBL group we have investigated the first topic using the FISH-model. Our group divided Investigating – I – into three main titles: teaching with digital tools, providing students support and managing the digital identity. I think we did a logical grouping of the themes covered by the subject.

I was for the first time in twitter today and I was surprised how nice it
was to interact online! I managed the basic of this tool. For me digital
literacies is a glad feeling managing new tools in the social media. I have
managed the basics of the platform SWAY as well this week. Wonderful to get
some help to overcome the fear of a new digital space. When managing a new
space: What a great feeling! I realize that I need to get back to these new
tools, if I want to use them again efficiently. That I do with pleasure. I am prepared to experiment and explore. That is the
only way to manage new tools. I have for sure enjoyed the first two weeks of

When you get started with started with online teaching and online
pedagogy you need background information; an excellent resource and online presence
is important. It is important to develop a set of explicit expectations for
your learners and yourself and to show the students that you care, by being
regularly in contact with the students.

One of our PBL group members pasted this relevant address on our group´s home page. I find the link most useful. Best Practices for Teaching Online

Topic 1 – Digital literacies and online participation